Board of Directors


Chris Stott

Chris Stott, Chairman

Chris is a founding Director and current Chairman of the Board of the Manna Energy Foundation, and brings with him experience managing international business activities coupled with prior international NGO field and managerial experience from his work with Life Education Trust International.

Chris is President and CEO of ManSat Ltd, which negotiates geostationary orbits and associated radio frequencies for commercial space ventures.

Michael Potter

Michael Potter, Vice-Chairman

Michael serves as Vice Chairman of the Manna Energy Foundation and is focused on creating the greatest impact by utilizing both Manna Energy resources and the GEEKS talent team. He spent 10 years building a pan-European for profit telecommunications network (ESPRIT TELECOM)

John Garan

John Garan, Treasurer

John is President and CEO of Desert Oasis Inc. and of Dr. Auto LLC, and is a founding Director of the Manna Energy Foundation.

Ron Garan

Ron Garan, Founder/Director

Ron is a former NASA Astronaut, who founded Manna Energy Foundation because of his belief in the positive impact that renewable energy can have on the alleviation of poverty, the protection of the environment, and improvement of global security.

Nicole Stott

Nicole Stott, Director

Nicole is a founding director of Manna Energy Foundation. Her work with Manna is a personal humanitarian initiative and is driven by her belief in the Manna mission. Nicole is a NASA Astronaut. Her service to Manna Energy is independent of NASA.







About Our Team

The Manna Energy Foundation Team is built from a group of people with diverse backgrounds from around the world who have come together to make positive change a reality.

All are committed to Manna’s Mission: 

Powering Social Enterprise

How Can We Work Together?