Our Work


The Manna Energy Foundation believes that the rapidly increasing nexus of issues encompassing water, energy, the environment, and communications can be solved via the Social Enterprise Model.

Our strategic focus is on the development and implementation of technologies and the resulting social enterprise to power Clean Energy, Clean Water, and Clean Telecoms.

Our initial projects were to implement Clean Energy and Clean Water solutions for schools and orphanages in Rwanda, and later through the creation of the successful social enterprise Manna Energy Limited, these solutions were expanded to Kenya, and have resulted in access to clean water for more than 4.5 million people in these developing areas of Africa.

Our current projects are being realized through an initiative of the Manna Energy Foundation that focuses on an integrated solution to humanity's real challenges. Our GEEKS Without Frontiers project targets Clean Telecoms.  The project will leverage the skills of technology leaders, utilize open source software, develop applications for communications, education and commerce, and will collaborate on global renewable energy and clean water projects.

The first major phase of this project is the development of a low cost, open source, WiFi network developed by the GEEKS team and sponsored by Google and the Tides Foundation. This is a major step in the direction of affordable broadband for all, capable of bringing tremendous economic and social benefits to millions, especially in areas where legacy broadband models have not been considered to be economical. Please learn more about how GEEKS Without Frontiers, a social enterprise incubated by the Manna Energy Foundation, is developing Broadband for the Next Billion.



How Can We Work Together?

This is just the beginning for the Manna Energy Foundation.

We are seeking to partner with others pursuing high impact development projects through social enterprise.

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